Here at R. & P. McDonald, we pride ourselves in traditional processing methods. Throughout the years processing technology has advanced, however, we have retained our traditional methods to ensure premium quality produce.

Our production process consists of 4 phases which results in the product being handled 4 times.

  • Whiting is delivered to us via refrigerated haulage in iced boxes, they are then passed through quality control and promptly transferred to the refrigeration unit.
  • When the whiting is ready to enter the production line, each box is emptied into the cooled finning benches, where the fins are then removed from the whole whiting.
  • The whole whiting are then transferred into the cooled filleting bench where our skilled traditional hand filleters begin the filleting stage.
  • Once the whiting has been filleted, it is then time for the skin to be taken off the fillets. The fillets are then fed through the skinning machine and received at the other end where they are again quality checked then the box is weighed, iced, sealed and labeled ready to be delivered to a supermarket near you.